My Five Personal Favorite Records

Inspired by some friends, I recently logged my record collection into Discogs. It was pretty fun and led me to dust off quite a few records I hadn’t listened to in a while and brought me back to when I had acquired the record. While I didn’t reorder my records autobiographically,  I did take a page from Rob Gordon’s book and make a top five list around my personal favorite slabs of wax.

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For Jawbreaker Day: The Best Jawbreaker Songs

I remember when emo broke to the  high school kids in my town (thanks, Jimmy Eat World) and everyone quickly began drawing lines in the sand regarding which bands fell into this often maligned, frequently misunderstood category. I was one of them, diving deeper and deeper through All Music, trying to figure out where this sound came from and where it fit between hardcore, punk, post-hardcore, and everything else. Like everyone else, I wound up in Washington D.C. reading about Dischord Records and Revolution Summer, but it was San Francisco’s Jawbreaker that caught my eye. A badass name, a perfectly tortured album title (it doesn’t get much better than 24 Hour Revenge Therapy to a 15 year old male) , and, most importantly, an iffy cover by Brand New were all I needed to check out a band. Years later, it would seem my shithead 15 year old self didn’t mess everything up.

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Top Five Opening Lines to Songs

I’m a bit of a lyrics nerd. All the tissue in my brain that most people allocate to useful information ( how to cook things with more than three ingredients, how to keep enough clean underwear on hand, etc.) I reserved for song lyrics I haven’t listened to since high school. So it goes. [Read more…]