The Bug @ Good Life – Bassic Boston – 10.10.14

1:15 AM, GOOD LIFE, BOSTON – I walk into the men’s bathroom, pass up on the urinal filled with with vomit, and walk into the stall with the busted lock. I stare at the half-finished tallboy spread across the floor, catch snippets of early-aughts radio rap leaking in from upstairs, and suddenly the cold, apocalyptic drone of the air raid siren overflowing from the downstairs seems much more fitting. Sometimes our actions beg for an atomic wiping of the slate.

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Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All Review

It’s not that easy being a pop-punk band. It seems the good ones are always walking a tightrope that could snap without warning, immediately sending them towards irrelevancy or, if they’re lucky, boy band territory. [Read more…]

Single Mothers, Esteemed Canadian Gentlemen

Single Mothers

Hailing from of London, ON, Single Mothers mix up post-hardcore and punk sounds that act as a foundation for wonderfully seedy stories. Half shouted, half spoken, the references in the tales alternate between street smart (“Borrowed cars with bags taped inside the bumper”) and bookish (“So I’m getting Bukowski drunk / I’m falling down man, I’m getting myself held up”). [Read more…]