Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All Review

It’s not that easy being a pop-punk band. It seems the good ones are always walking a tightrope that could snap without warning, immediately sending them towards irrelevancy or, if they’re lucky, boy band territory.

Please be:

  • Earnest and forthcoming without being too much of a pussy
  • Sloppy enough that I know you listen to at least a few good hardcore bands
  • Craft a memorable melody for gigantic singalongs that define summers, but not so much that my (hypothetical) little sister likes it

See? It’s tough. Or I’m difficult. Whichever.

The good news is Modern Baseball often succeeds at all of the above and have delivered their best effort yet in their Run For Cover debut, You’re Gonna Miss It All.

Following up on their promising debut SportsModern Baseball continue to blend uptempo pop-punk (“Your Graduation,” “Apartment”) and slower acoustic-driven styles (“Pothole”), often within the same tune (most of the other tracks). Vocals are handled by Jake Ewald and Brendan Lukens, each providing a nasally inflection of their own to the takes on standard pop-punk navel gazing: failed relationships, self-doubt, unrequited love, etc. One notable exception is “Going to Bed Now,” which takes a jab at holier-than-thou DIYers that lob insults behind the guard of their parents money (not new in general, but it’s nice to see Modern Baseball on the offensive, not unlike Say Anything’s thornier verses on …Is A Real Boy, though still a far cry from “Can We Start Again”).

On the whole, Modern Baseball vear more towards the confessional side of the lyrical spectrum, preferring Xeroxed journal entries and self-deprecation.  “Wait a minute, because I’ve been living more like a piece of shit without you and I’ve been spending all your past killings trying to drink my way out of this room,” is colored in with Kasher influence, while Brand New, Get Up Kids, and The Front Bottoms all make appearances. No doubt about it, there’s a lot of wealth of wit, hooks, and harmony, all of which stack up to a compelling listen.

I’m just hoping they age well. Awkward mentions of Facebook and Twitter could be overlooked on Sports (see: “@Chlo3k:), but it’s surprising that songwriters so self aware continue to include cutesy asides and mentions of social networks on You’ll Miss It All. It’s far from the end of the world, but it’s jarring, even if they’re used to highlight the subject’s pettiness. Sophomoric slips aside, it’s a genuinely fun, effective listen.

Chalk another win up for Run for Cover. Plus, any band that uses “jawn” is cool in my book.

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