Single Mothers, Esteemed Canadian Gentlemen

Single Mothers

Hailing from of London, ON, Single Mothers mix up post-hardcore and punk sounds that act as a foundation for wonderfully seedy stories. Half shouted, half spoken, the references in the tales alternate between street smart (“Borrowed cars with bags taped inside the bumper”) and bookish (“So I’m getting Bukowski drunk / I’m falling down man, I’m getting myself held up”). Across their two EPs: 2010’s Wild Party and a self-titled 2011 effort, Single Mothers have crafted a set of songs brimming with late nights, casual sex, and detached, occasionally wry, observation. Drew Thomson (vocals) probably draws more Craig Finn comparisons than he cares for, but the similarities between his manic, off-beat torrents of nocturnal color commentary and Finn’s Lifter Puller days are many. He vividly recounts drug deals, Last Call, and vaguely misogynist encounters while a din of distortion churns behind him.  Punk and hardcore motifs darken the mood, giving Thomson’s stories a dire sort of delivery.Anyway, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Single Mothers – “Christian Girls” from Single Mothers (Secret Voices, 2011)

They’re in the process of pressing their digital-only Wild Party EP and have a new full length forthcoming on HXC Records, an XL imprint. They’re pretty sassy on Facebook, so go and give ’em a like if you’re tired of hearing about that how that guy you went to high school with is really coming into his own as a father.