Alcotox Review and 10% Discount Coupon

Summary: I drank a bunch of booze and still didn’t get a hangover. This stuff works.

Buy it directly from Alcotox or Amazon and forget hangovers (use ATOX10 at Alcotox’s site to save 10%).

So I was browsing one of the more…colorful subs on Reddit and came across murmurs of a purportedly miraculous hangover cure by the name of Alcotox.

Their claims:

  • Alcotox relieves hangover symptoms.
  • Alcotox also neutralizes Acetaldehyde, which is created as the body metabolizes alcohol. (Wiki generally agrees this shit is nasty.)
    • This helps your liver!
    • This helps Asian Flush! (Aren’t you glad researchers are working on the important stuff?)
  •  Acetaldehyde is associated with many health risks, including cancer.

Being a social drinker, these claims piqued my interest and I decided an Alcotox review was in order.

If you’d like, skip ahead to The Evening or The Verdict.

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One Man’s Love Unravels on Facebook

My friend Bryan, who’s very funny (and very single, ladies), put together this hilarious spoof on the Facebook timeline recap video to celebrate those of us riding out Valentine’s Day without an SO.  He showed me a draft a few days ago and the conversation went a bit like this:

Bryan: I’ve got this video I’m working on for Valentine’s Day, want to see it?

Me: Yes, I love videos.

Me: Shit, this is funny. Can I post this to my site?

Bryan: I don’t know, what’s your reach like? [Read more…]

The Time I Only Ate Food I Found at the Office for a Week.

I like my job. It’s engaging, challenging, rewarding, all the things you could reasonably ask for in employment. But one of the perks I didn’t expect (and didn’t ask for) was that there’s food everywhere, all the time.

Not one to waste an opportunity for free food (I still haven’t kicked the college habit), I’ve earned the reputation as The Office Scavenger. Candy? Sampled. Cookies? Gone. Pizza? Had some and wrapped up a few other pieces for lunch tomorrow. To that end, I’ve decided to put my skills to the test: one week of eating nothing but office food. [Read more…]

Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All Review

It’s not that easy being a pop-punk band. It seems the good ones are always walking a tightrope that could snap without warning, immediately sending them towards irrelevancy or, if they’re lucky, boy band territory. [Read more…]

Top Five Opening Lines to Songs

I’m a bit of a lyrics nerd. All the tissue in my brain that most people allocate to useful information ( how to cook things with more than three ingredients, how to keep enough clean underwear on hand, etc.) I reserved for song lyrics I haven’t listened to since high school. So it goes. [Read more…]