Alcotox Review and 10% Discount Coupon

Summary: I drank a bunch of booze and still didn’t get a hangover. This stuff works.

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So I was browsing one of the more…colorful subs on Reddit and came across murmurs of a purportedly miraculous hangover cure by the name of Alcotox.

Their claims:

  • Alcotox relieves hangover symptoms.
  • Alcotox also neutralizes Acetaldehyde, which is created as the body metabolizes alcohol. (Wiki generally agrees this shit is nasty.)
    • This helps your liver!
    • This helps Asian Flush! (Aren’t you glad researchers are working on the important stuff?)
  •  Acetaldehyde is associated with many health risks, including cancer.

Being a social drinker, these claims piqued my interest and I decided an Alcotox review was in order.

If you’d like, skip ahead to The Evening or The Verdict.

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